Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bring on the mashed carrots

Lately I’ve been reading up on when I get to start giving Kaylee solid foods. From what I understand, 4 to 6 months is a good age to try out cereal, and she’ll be four months old tomorrow.

I can’t explain why, but I am so excited about feeding her with a spoon and watching her smear pureed green beans into her hair. (Is there a type of fruit or vegetable that stimulates hair growth when it’s rubbed onto a head? Maybe I could start her on that.) And my dogs should be excited, too. Ever since we brought her home and they took their first wary sniffs of her little feet, I’ve been telling them, “Just you wait. One day she’ll figure out that you guys get excited when she throws her food on the floor, and then? Then you’ll be in heaven.”

She exhibits most of the signs of being ready to eat solids; she’s definitely taking an interest in our food when we eat, often trying to grab drinks out of our hands or watching longingly while we eat forkfuls of mashed potatoes.

Plus, our house has just delivered a secret weapon, I think, to stimulate her desire to eat the kinds of things we eat. Since we turned on the heat the other night, we’ve discovered that through the magic of physics, all of the smells of the kitchen are somehow channeled directly into Kaylee’s room –- and NOWHERE else. Thus, two nights ago Rob woke me up in the middle of the night, after giving the baby a bottle, to ask me why Kaylee’s room smelled like hamburgers. And this morning, I went to get her out of bed and was greeted with the strong aroma of chicken fried rice.

With these kinds of forces at work, surely she’ll be flinging food at the dogs in no time.


pam said...

Mmmmm...mashed potatoes. I'd be looking at you longingly too. It doesn't get better than mashed potatoes. I don't think they'll help her hair grow though.

Heather McDonnell said...

How do you know? Have you ever rubbed mashed potatoes into your scalp?

pam said...

Now that you mention it, no. Maybe I'll get my boyfriend to try it on his head!