Thursday, June 14, 2007

Feed me feed me feed me FEED ME!

I’ve read that after a while, parents learn to discern their baby’s different types of crying. Depending on the sound she makes, a mom can tell if the baby’s hungry, sleepy, etc.

Apparently, there’s now a machine that can figure that stuff out for you. This device claims to identify exactly why a baby is crying in 20 seconds, using handy little smiley faces and frowny faces, all for $65. To me, this seems kind of silly. Ask me again in a few months, though.

So far, I’ve been able to identify approximately two of my baby’s noises. There’s “I’m bored.” And there’s “Oh my God, I’m starving to death. Please FEED ME. Are Mommy and Daddy EVER going to feed me???? I’M DYING HERE!!!! Help! Someone please help me!”

We’re still working on interpreting the rest.


Kate said...

Ravenous, bored or sleeping: Ah, that's the life, almost as good as a cat in the sun.

pam said...

I'm pretty sure Homer's brother invited that device on The Simpsons.

pam said...

Of course, I meant INVENTED.